an ornate dagger
an ornate dining plate
an ornate display case
an ornate double bed
an ornate ebon chandelier
an ornate end table
an Ornate Freeport Candle
an Ornate Freeport Chair
an Ornate Freeport Chandelier
an Ornate Freeport Floor Lamp
an Ornate Freeport Sandstone Bench
an Ornate Freeport Stool
an ornate globe of Norrath
an ornate halasian chest
an ornate leather pattern
an ornate linen rug
an ornate long bench
an ornate mirror
an ornate musicbox
an ornate oak bookshelf
an ornate Overlord bed
an ornate phylactery
an ornate plate mold
an ornate queen bed
an ornate rug
an ornate short bench
an ornate silk pattern
an ornate single bed
an Ornate Single Freeport Bed
an ornate stein
an ornate vase an ornate vase (CollectionReward)
an ornate vase an ornate vase (House Item) (Handcrafted)
an ornate vase an ornate vase (House Item) (no-value)
an ornate weapon holder vase
an othmir barricade kit
An Othmir Pup Skull
An Othmir Skull
an Othmir tooth necklace
an outrider's cauldron
an oval ash table
an overloaded wand
an overlord bed
an overripe pomegranate
an overseer badge
An Overseer's First Agents An Overseer's First Agents (Version 1)
An Overseer's First Agents An Overseer's First Agents (Version 2)
An Owlbear Wall Trophy
An Uglified Necklace
an umbral leafhopper carcass
an unassuming dagger
an uncharged power source
An Unclear Page
an unconscious goblin
An Uncut Diamond
an underfoot crystal
an Underfoot elemental leash
an unfinished breastplate
an unfinished helm
an unfinished Wantia armoire an unfinished Wantia armoire (House Item)
an unfinished Wantia armoire an unfinished Wantia armoire (QuestReward)
an unfulfilled list an unfulfilled list (Quest Starter)
An Unintelligible Page
an unlit torch
an unnerving eye of the Horde
an unrefined crystal an unrefined crystal (Version 1)
an unrefined crystal an unrefined crystal (Version 2)
an Unsealed Note
An Untarnished Ethereal Bowl
An Unusual Bottle
An Unusual Object
an unusual rod
An Urgent Plea
an urzarach paw
an urzarach spear
an urzarach tarsus
an urzarach trinket
an X-Electro-charged battery
Anaconda Scale Belt
Anagog Mystic Tunic
Anamorphic Crawly Feinter
Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis (Weapon)
Anarchic Bracers of Destruction
Anarchic Bracers of Enlightenment
Anarchic Bracers of the Deathless
Anarchic Chain Boots of Destruction
Anarchic Chain Boots of Enlightenment
Anarchic Chain Boots of the Deathless
Anarchic Chain Bracers of Destruction
Anarchic Chain Bracers of Enlightenment
Anarchic Chain Bracers of the Deathless
Anarchic Chain Cuirass of Destruction
Anarchic Chain Cuirass of Enlightenment
Anarchic Chain Cuirass of the Deathless
Anarchic Chain Gauntlets of Destruction
Anarchic Chain Gauntlets of the Deathless
Anarchic Chain Greaves of Destruction
Anarchic Chain Greaves of Enlightenment
Anarchic Chain Greaves of the Deathless
Anarchic Chain Helm of Destruction
Anarchic Chain Helm of Enlightenment
Anarchic Chain Helm of the Deathless
Anarchic Chain Pauldrons of Destruction
Anarchic Chain Pauldrons of Enlightenment
Anarchic Chain Pauldrons of the Deathless
Anarchic Cowl of Destruction
Anarchic Cowl of Enlightenment
Anarchic Cowl of the Deathless
Anarchic Gi of Evasion
Anarchic Gi of the Deathless
Anarchic Gloves of Destruction
Anarchic Gloves of Enlightenment
Anarchic Gloves of the Deathless
Anarchic Leather Boots of the Deathless
Anarchic Leather Bracers of Destruction
Anarchic Leather Bracers of Enlightenment
Anarchic Leather Bracers of the Deathless
Anarchic Leather Breastplate of Destruction
Anarchic Leather Breastplate of Enlightenment
Anarchic Leather Gauntlets of Destruction
Anarchic Leather Gauntlets of the Deathless
Anarchic Leather Greaves of Destruction
Anarchic Leather Greaves of Enlightenment
Anarchic Leather Greaves of the Deathless
Anarchic Leather Helm of Destruction
Anarchic Leather Helm of Evasion
Anarchic Leather Helm of the Deathless
Anarchic Leather Pauldrons of Destruction
Anarchic Leather Pauldrons of Enlightenment
Anarchic Leather Pauldrons of the Deathless
Anarchic Mantle of Destruction
Anarchic Mantle of Enlightenment
Anarchic Mantle of the Deathless
Anarchic Pants of Destruction
Anarchic Pants of the Deathless
Anarchic Robe of Destruction
Anarchic Robe of Enlightenment
Anarchic Robe of the Deathless
Anarchic Shoes of Destruction
Anarchic Shoes of Enlightenment
Anarchic Shoes of the Deathless
Anarchic Vanguard Boots of Destruction
Anarchic Vanguard Boots of Enlightenment
Anarchic Vanguard Boots of the Deathless
Anarchic Vanguard Bracers of Destruction
Anarchic Vanguard Bracers of Enlightenment
Anarchic Vanguard Bracers of the Deathless
Anarchic Vanguard Cuirass of Destruction
Anarchic Vanguard Cuirass of Enlightenment
Anarchic Vanguard Cuirass of Evasion
Anarchic Vanguard Cuirass of the Deathless
Anarchic Vanguard Gauntlets of Enlightenment
Anarchic Vanguard Gauntlets of Evasion
Anarchic Vanguard Gauntlets of the Deathless
Anarchic Vanguard Greaves of Destruction
Anarchic Vanguard Greaves of Enlightenment
Anarchic Vanguard Greaves of the Deathless
Anarchic Vanguard Helm of Destruction
Anarchic Vanguard Helm of Enlightenment
Anarchic Vanguard Helm of the Deathless
Anarchic Vanguard Pauldrons of Destruction
Anarchic Vanguard Pauldrons of Enlightenment
Anarchic Vanguard Pauldrons of the Deathless
Anas Mechanica Case
Anashti Sul's Familiar
Anashti'in Dirge Activator
Anaskar Stone
Anathraxxis' Decay of Souls
Anathraxxis' Double Blade
Anathraxxis' Fetid Putrescence
Anathraxxis' Mortification
Anathraxxis' Ripping Blight
Anathraxxis' Shrunken Head Anathraxxis' Shrunken Head (Potency 3.5)
Anathraxxis' Shrunken Head Anathraxxis' Shrunken Head (Potency 7.8)
Anathraxxis' Toxic Ooze
Anatomy of the Fathomlurker
Anaz Mal Charm
Anaz Mal, Blackfang Anaz Mal, Blackfang (Item)
Anaz Mal, Blackfang - Page 11
Anaz Mal, Blackfang - Page 4
Anaz Mal, Blackfang - Page 5
Anaz Mal, Blackfang - Page 8
Anaz Mal, Blackfang - Page 9
Anc'Kar, the Whistling Wind
Ancestral Belt of Dracur
Ancestral Blade Fragment
Ancestral Bracers
Ancestral Cap
Ancestral Chainmail
Ancestral Essence of Ferocity
Ancestral Globe of Manifestation
Ancestral Gloves
Ancestral Greaves
Ancestral Pauldrons
Ancestral Sabatons
Ancestral Sarnak War Bow
Ancestral Sphere of the Serpent
Ancestral Totem of the Witchdoctor
Ancestral Totemic Boots
Ancestral Totemic Coif
Ancestral Totemic Leggings
Ancestral Totemic Spaulders
Anchor of the Mentally Ascended
Anchor of Wanderer's Dock
Anchor-Bolted Bulwark
Anchorage Banner
Anchorage Chit
Anchorage Mission Reward Crate
Anchored Band of Agility
Anchored Band of Healing
Ancient Ability Mod Infuser
Ancient Agate Earring
Ancient Amulet of Battle
Ancient Amulet of Beasts
Ancient Amulet of Clouds
Ancient Amulet of Concentration
Ancient Amulet of Devotion
Ancient Amulet of Elements
Ancient Amulet of Fangs
Ancient Amulet of Grace
Ancient Amulet of Knowledge
Ancient Amulet of Light
Ancient Amulet of Mirrors
Ancient Amulet of Prophets
Ancient Amulet of Storms
Ancient Amulet of Survival
Ancient Amulet of the Bathezid
Ancient Amulet of the Deep
Ancient Amulet of the Gambler
Ancient Amulet of the Guardian
Ancient Amulet of the Iron-heart
Ancient Amulet of the Knight
Ancient Amulet of the Nimble
Ancient Amulet of the Oceans
Ancient Amulet of the Soldier
Ancient Amulet of the Stoic
Ancient Amulet of the Sun
Ancient Amulet of the Tempest
Ancient Amulet of the Tree
Ancient Amulet of Vision
Ancient Ancestral Gloves
Ancient Arcane Artifact
Ancient Arcannium Coin
Ancient Armguards of Battle
Ancient Armguards of Beasts
Ancient Armguards of Clouds
Ancient Armguards of Concentration
Ancient Armguards of Devotion
Ancient Armguards of Elements
Ancient Armguards of Fangs
Ancient Armguards of Grace
Ancient Armguards of Knowledge
Ancient Armguards of Light
Ancient Armguards of Mirrors
Ancient Armguards of Prophets
Ancient Armguards of Storms
Ancient Armguards of Survival
Ancient Armguards of the Deep
Ancient Armguards of the Gambler
Ancient Armguards of the Guardian
Ancient Armguards of the Iron-heart
Ancient Armguards of the Knight
Ancient Armguards of the Nimble
Ancient Armguards of the Oceans
Ancient Armguards of the Soldier
Ancient Armguards of the Stoic
Ancient Armguards of the Sun
Ancient Armguards of the Tempest
Ancient Armguards of the Tree
Ancient Armguards of Vision
Ancient Armor of War
Ancient Ascended Chainmail Legguards
Ancient Ascended Cloth Pantaloons
Ancient Ascended Cloth Pants
Ancient Ascended Leather Legwraps
Ancient Ascended Plate Greaves
Ancient Ascended Platemail Greaves
Ancient Ash Earring
Ancient Ashwood Tome
Ancient Assassin Scroll Crate
ancient assassin's boots
Ancient Assassin's Dagger
Ancient Assaulter's Boots
Ancient Axe of Aggression
Ancient Band of Battle
Ancient Band of Beasts
Ancient Band of Clouds
Ancient Band of Concentration
Ancient Band of Devotion
Ancient Band of Elements
Ancient Band of Fangs
Ancient Band of Force
Ancient Band of Grace
Ancient Band of Knowledge
Ancient Band of Light
Ancient Band of Mirrors
Ancient Band of Prophets
Ancient Band of Storms
Ancient Band of Survival
Ancient Band of the Deep
Ancient Band of the Gambler
Ancient Band of the Guardian
Ancient Band of the Iron-heart
Ancient Band of the Knight
Ancient Band of the Nimble
Ancient Band of the Oceans
Ancient Band of the Soldier
Ancient Band of the Stoic
Ancient Band of the Sun
Ancient Band of the Tempest
Ancient Band of the Tree
Ancient Band of Vision
Ancient Bangle of Greenhood Honor
Ancient Bangle of Scaled Rights
Ancient Bangle of the Sentinel
Ancient Bangle of the Unkempt
Ancient Bar Shelf
Ancient Bar Table
Ancient Barb of the Fallen
Ancient Barbed Mantle
Ancient Barbute of the Shiverback King
Ancient Battlehammer of the Theologian
Ancient Battlepriest Helm
Ancient Bauble of the Fallen
Ancient Bayle Mark
Ancient Beastlord Scroll Crate
Ancient Belt of Battle
Ancient Belt of Beasts
Ancient Belt of Clouds
Ancient Belt of Concentration
Ancient Belt of Devotion
Ancient Belt of Elements
Ancient Belt of Fangs
Ancient Belt of Grace
Ancient Belt of Knowledge
Ancient Belt of Light
Ancient Belt of Mirrors
Ancient Belt of Prophets
Ancient Belt of Storms
Ancient Belt of Survival
Ancient Belt of the Deep
Ancient Belt of the Gambler
Ancient Belt of the Guardian
Ancient Belt of the Iron-heart
Ancient Belt of the Knight
Ancient Belt of the Nimble
Ancient Belt of the Oceans
Ancient Belt of the Soldier
Ancient Belt of the Stoic
Ancient Belt of the Sun
Ancient Belt of the Tempest
Ancient Belt of the Tree
Ancient Belt of Vision
Ancient Berserker Scroll Crate
Ancient Blocker of the Warrior Priest Ancient Blocker of the Warrior Priest (Potency 2.1)
Ancient Blocker of the Warrior Priest Ancient Blocker of the Warrior Priest (Potency 6.2)
Ancient Bloodletter Ancient Bloodletter (Crate)
Ancient Bloodletter Ancient Bloodletter (useable)
Ancient Blue Soulstone
Ancient Bone Helm
Ancient Bone Hoop
Ancient Bone Kite Shield
Ancient Bone Spike
Ancient Bone Stud
Ancient Bone Targe
Ancient Bone Warhammer
Ancient Bonespike of the Fallen
Ancient Boots of Battle
Ancient Boots of Beasts
Ancient Boots of Clouds
Ancient Boots of Concentration
Ancient Boots of Devotion
Ancient Boots of Elements
Ancient Boots of Fangs
Ancient Boots of Grace
Ancient Boots of Knowledge
Ancient Boots of Light
Ancient Boots of Mirrors
Ancient Boots of Prophets
Ancient Boots of Storms
Ancient Boots of Survival
Ancient Boots of the Deep
Ancient Boots of the Gambler
Ancient Boots of the Guardian
Ancient Boots of the Iron-heart
Ancient Boots of the Knight
Ancient Boots of the Nimble
Ancient Boots of the Oceans
Ancient Boots of the Soldier
Ancient Boots of the Stoic
Ancient Boots of the Sun
Ancient Boots of the Tempest
Ancient Boots of the Tree
Ancient Boots of Vision
Ancient Bow of Battle
Ancient Bow of Beasts
Ancient Bow of Clouds
Ancient Bow of Concentration
Ancient Bow of Devotion
Ancient Bow of Elements
Ancient Bow of Fangs
Ancient Bow of Grace
Ancient Bow of Knowledge
Ancient Bow of Light
Ancient Bow of Mirrors
Ancient Bow of Prophets
Ancient Bow of Storms
Ancient Bow of Survival
Ancient Bow of the Deep
Ancient Bow of the Gambler
Ancient Bow of the Guardian
Ancient Bow of the Iron-heart
Ancient Bow of the Knight
Ancient Bow of the Nimble
Ancient Bow of the Nizari Praetors
Ancient Bow of the Oceans
Ancient Bow of the Soldier
Ancient Bow of the Stoic
Ancient Bow of the Sun
Ancient Bow of the Tempest
Ancient Bow of the Tree
Ancient Bow of Vision
Ancient Brace of the Sentinel
Ancient Bracelet of Corroded Amethyst
Ancient Bracelet of the Sentinel
Ancient Bracers of Battle
Ancient Bracers of Beasts
Ancient Bracers of Clouds
Ancient Bracers of Concentration
Ancient Bracers of Devotion
Ancient Bracers of Elements
Ancient Bracers of Fangs
Ancient Bracers of Grace
Ancient Bracers of Knowledge
Ancient Bracers of Light
Ancient Bracers of Mirrors
Ancient Bracers of Prophets
Ancient Bracers of Storms
Ancient Bracers of Survival
Ancient Bracers of the Codex
Ancient Bracers of the Deep
Ancient Bracers of the Gambler
Ancient Bracers of the Guardian
Ancient Bracers of the Iron-heart
Ancient Bracers of the Knight
Ancient Bracers of the Nimble
Ancient Bracers of the Oceans
Ancient Bracers of the Soldier
Ancient Bracers of the Stoic
Ancient Bracers of the Sun
Ancient Bracers of the Tempest
Ancient Bracers of the Tree
Ancient Bracers of Vision
Ancient Breastplate of Battle
Ancient Breastplate of Beasts
Ancient Breastplate of Clouds
Ancient Breastplate of Concentration
Ancient Breastplate of Devotion
Ancient Breastplate of Elements
Ancient Breastplate of Fangs
Ancient Breastplate of Grace
Ancient Breastplate of Knowledge
Ancient Breastplate of Light
Ancient Breastplate of Mirrors
Ancient Breastplate of Prophets
Ancient Breastplate of Storms
Ancient Breastplate of Survival
Ancient Breastplate of the Deep
Ancient Breastplate of the Gambler
Ancient Breastplate of the Guardian
Ancient Breastplate of the Iron-heart
Ancient Breastplate of the Knight
Ancient Breastplate of the Nimble
Ancient Breastplate of the Oceans
Ancient Breastplate of the Soldier
Ancient Breastplate of the Stoic
Ancient Breastplate of the Sun
Ancient Breastplate of the Tempest
Ancient Breastplate of the Tree
Ancient Breastplate of Vision
Ancient Brellium Token
ancient brick
Ancient Brigand Scroll Crate
Ancient Bronze Amulet
Ancient Bronze Band
Ancient Bronze Fiat
Ancient Bronze Ring
Ancient Bruiser Scroll Crate
Ancient Buckler of Battle
Ancient Buckler of Beasts
Ancient Buckler of Clouds
Ancient Buckler of Concentration
Ancient Buckler of Devotion
Ancient Buckler of Elements
Ancient Buckler of Fangs
Ancient Buckler of Grace
Ancient Buckler of Knowledge
Ancient Buckler of Light
Ancient Buckler of Mirrors
Ancient Buckler of Prophets
Ancient Buckler of Storms
Ancient Buckler of Survival
Ancient Buckler of the Deep
Ancient Buckler of the Gambler
Ancient Buckler of the Guardian
Ancient Buckler of the Iron-heart
Ancient Buckler of the Knight
Ancient Buckler of the Nimble
Ancient Buckler of the Oceans
Ancient Buckler of the Soldier
Ancient Buckler of the Stoic
Ancient Buckler of the Sun
Ancient Buckler of the Tempest
Ancient Buckler of the Tree
Ancient Buckler of Vision
ancient bugbear bone
Ancient Bulwark of the Colossal Sentinel
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Buckler
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Chausses
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Earring
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Greaves
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Leather Pants
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Mallet
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Necklace
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Orb
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Ring
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Sash
Ancient Butcherblock Mountains Map
Ancient Cabilisian Barbute
Ancient Cabilisian Drape
Ancient Cabilisian Sabatons
Ancient Cabilisian Shackle
Ancient Cabilisian Sword
Ancient Cabilisian Throwing Blades
Ancient Cabilisian Wand
Ancient Cadavodile
Ancient Caiman Shoulder Pads
Ancient Cane of the Orcish Shaman
Ancient Cap of the Shiverback King
Ancient Captain's Armguards
Ancient Captain's Mantle
Ancient Captain's Pauldrons
Ancient Captain's Shoulderguards
Ancient Captain's Shoulders
Ancient Captain's Vambraces
Ancient Carbonite Earring
ancient cedar wand
ancient cedarwood buckler
ancient cedarwood long bow
ancient cedarwood round shield
Ancient Ceremonial Warhoops
Ancient Chainlink Helm of the Shiverback King
Ancient Chainmail Shoulderplates
Ancient Channeler Scroll Crate
Ancient Chaps of Battle
Ancient Chaps of Beasts
Ancient Chaps of Clouds
Ancient Chaps of Concentration
Ancient Chaps of Devotion
Ancient Chaps of Elements
Ancient Chaps of Fangs
Ancient Chaps of Grace
Ancient Chaps of Knowledge
Ancient Chaps of Light
Ancient Chaps of Mirrors
Ancient Chaps of Prophets
Ancient Chaps of Storms
Ancient Chaps of Survival
Ancient Chaps of the Deep
Ancient Chaps of the Gambler
Ancient Chaps of the Guardian
Ancient Chaps of the Iron-heart
Ancient Chaps of the Knight
Ancient Chaps of the Nimble
Ancient Chaps of the Oceans
Ancient Chaps of the Soldier
Ancient Chaps of the Stoic
Ancient Chaps of the Sun
Ancient Chaps of the Tempest
Ancient Chaps of the Tree
Ancient Chaps of Vision
ancient chest key
Ancient Chronobine
Ancient Circlet of Hate Ancient Circlet of Hate (0 Gem)
Ancient Circlet of Hate Ancient Circlet of Hate (0 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Circlet of Hate Ancient Circlet of Hate (1 Gem)
Ancient Circlet of Hate Ancient Circlet of Hate (1 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Circlet of Hate Ancient Circlet of Hate (2 Gem)
Ancient Circlet of Hate Ancient Circlet of Hate (2 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Cloak of Dust
Ancient Cloak of the Flamecaller
Ancient Clockwork Hand
Ancient Clockwork JVII Plushie
Ancient Cobalt Battle Axe
Ancient Cobalt Dagger
Ancient Cobalt Foil
Ancient Cobalt Long Sword
Ancient Cobalt Maul
Ancient Cobalt Scourge
Ancient Cobalt Short Sword
Ancient Cobalt Tomahawk
Ancient Cobalt Tulwar
Ancient Cobra Hide Shoulder Pads
Ancient Coercer Scroll Crate
Ancient Coin of the Tower
Ancient Collar of Battle
Ancient Collar of Beasts
Ancient Collar of Clouds
Ancient Collar of Concentration
Ancient Collar of Devotion
Ancient Collar of Elements
Ancient Collar of Fangs
Ancient Collar of Grace
Ancient Collar of Knowledge
Ancient Collar of Light
Ancient Collar of Mirrors
Ancient Collar of Prophets
Ancient Collar of Storms
Ancient Collar of Survival
Ancient Collar of the Deep
Ancient Collar of the Gambler
Ancient Collar of the Guardian
Ancient Collar of the Iron-heart
Ancient Collar of the Knight
Ancient Collar of the Nimble
Ancient Collar of the Oceans
Ancient Collar of the Soldier
Ancient Collar of the Stoic
Ancient Collar of the Sun
Ancient Collar of the Tempest
Ancient Collar of the Tree
Ancient Collar of Vision
Ancient Combine Bauble
Ancient Combine Clergy's Bracelet
Ancient Combine Great Flail
Ancient Combine Handguards
Ancient Combine Knuckles
Ancient Combine Longsword
Ancient Combine Outrider's Bracelet
Ancient Combine Scholar's Bracelet
Ancient Combine Soldier's Bracelet
Ancient Combine Stiletto
Ancient Conjuror Scroll Crate
ancient copper coin
Ancient Cowl of Battle
Ancient Cowl of Beasts
Ancient Cowl of Clouds
Ancient Cowl of Concentration
Ancient Cowl of Devotion
Ancient Cowl of Elements
Ancient Cowl of Fangs
Ancient Cowl of Grace
Ancient Cowl of Knowledge
Ancient Cowl of Light
Ancient Cowl of Mirrors
Ancient Cowl of Prophets
Ancient Cowl of Storms
Ancient Cowl of Survival
Ancient Cowl of the Deep
Ancient Cowl of the Gambler
Ancient Cowl of the Guardian
Ancient Cowl of the Iron-heart
Ancient Cowl of the Knight
Ancient Cowl of the Nimble
Ancient Cowl of the Oceans
Ancient Cowl of the Soldier
Ancient Cowl of the Stoic
Ancient Cowl of the Sun
Ancient Cowl of the Tempest
Ancient Cowl of the Tree
Ancient Cowl of Vision
ancient crest of Jal'Dea ancient crest of Jal'Dea
ancient crest of Tyrid ancient crest of Tyrid
ancient crest of Al'tuur
ancient crest of Dartain
ancient crest of Nortlav
Ancient Crit Bonus Infuser
Ancient Crown of Malice Ancient Crown of Malice (0 Gem)
Ancient Crown of Malice Ancient Crown of Malice (0 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Crown of Malice Ancient Crown of Malice (1 Gem)
Ancient Crown of Malice Ancient Crown of Malice (1 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Crown of Malice Ancient Crown of Malice (2 Gem)
Ancient Crown of Malice Ancient Crown of Malice (2 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Crystal Light Cache
Ancient Cultist's Doomring
Ancient Dagger of Battle
Ancient Dagger of Beasts
Ancient Dagger of Clouds
Ancient Dagger of Concentration
Ancient Dagger of Devotion
Ancient Dagger of Elements
Ancient Dagger of Fangs
Ancient Dagger of Grace
Ancient Dagger of Knowledge
Ancient Dagger of Light
Ancient Dagger of Mirrors
Ancient Dagger of Prophets
Ancient Dagger of Storms
Ancient Dagger of Survival
Ancient Dagger of the Deep
Ancient Dagger of the Gambler
Ancient Dagger of the Guardian
Ancient Dagger of the Iron-heart
Ancient Dagger of the Knight
Ancient Dagger of the Nimble
Ancient Dagger of the Oceans
Ancient Dagger of the Soldier
Ancient Dagger of the Stoic
Ancient Dagger of the Sun
Ancient Dagger of the Tempest
Ancient Dagger of the Tree
Ancient Dagger of Vision
Ancient Darkfeather Boots
ancient decorated chalice
Ancient Defiler Scroll Crate
Ancient Desert Urn
Ancient Diakan Grindstone
Ancient Diaku Battlefury Band
Ancient Diamond Coin
Ancient Dirge Scroll Crate
Ancient Dirk of Leoj
Ancient Djinn Forged Hammer
Ancient Djinn Forged Longsword
Ancient Djinn Forged Rapier
Ancient Djinn Forged Wand
Ancient Doll of Dominance
Ancient Doubloon
Ancient Draconic Breastplate of Storms
Ancient Draconic Chestguard of Storms
Ancient Draconic Chestplate of Storms
Ancient Draconic Chestwrap of Storms
Ancient Draconic Hauberk of Storms
Ancient Draconic Manslayer
Ancient Draconic Phylactery
Ancient Draconic Relic
Ancient Draconic Setting
Ancient Draconic Text
Ancient Draconic Tunic of Storms
Ancient Draconic Warpike
Ancient Dragonkin Idol
Ancient Dragonkin Scale
Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Boots
Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Coat
Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Gloves
Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Pants
Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Shoulder Pads
Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Skullcap
Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Wristguards
Ancient Dragoon Platemail Breastplate
Ancient Dragoon Platemail Gauntlets
Ancient Dragoon Platemail Helm
Ancient Dragoon Platemail Legplates
Ancient Dragoon Platemail Pauldrons
Ancient Dragoon Platemail Tonlets
Ancient Dragoon Platemail Vambraces
Ancient Dreadscale Greaves
Ancient Dream Mote
Ancient Earring of Battle
Ancient Earring of Beasts
Ancient Earring of Clouds
Ancient Earring of Concentration
Ancient Earring of Devotion
Ancient Earring of Dismal Rage
Ancient Earring of Elements
Ancient Earring of Fangs
Ancient Earring of Grace
Ancient Earring of Knowledge
Ancient Earring of Light
Ancient Earring of Mirrors
Ancient Earring of Prophets
Ancient Earring of Storms
Ancient Earring of Survival
Ancient Earring of the Deep
Ancient Earring of the Fallen
Ancient Earring of the Gambler
Ancient Earring of the Guardian
Ancient Earring of the Iron-heart
Ancient Earring of the Knight
Ancient Earring of the Nimble
Ancient Earring of the Oceans
Ancient Earring of the Soldier
Ancient Earring of the Stoic
Ancient Earring of the Sun
Ancient Earring of the Tempest
Ancient Earring of the Tree
Ancient Earring of Vision
Ancient Ebon Battle Axe
Ancient Ebon Crystal
Ancient Ebon Dagger
Ancient Ebon Foil
Ancient Ebon Hand Axe
Ancient Ebon Karabela
Ancient Ebon Katana
Ancient Ebon Leafblade
ancient ebon long sword
Ancient Ebon Maul
Ancient Ebon Scourge
Ancient Ebon Short Sword
Ancient Ebon Tomahawk
Ancient Ebon Tulwar
Ancient Ebon Voulge
Ancient Elementalist Scroll Crate
Ancient Elven Bed
Ancient Elven Buckler
Ancient Elven Stool
Ancient Embroidered Blouse
Ancient Embroidered Cap
Ancient Embroidered Cowl
Ancient Embroidered Cuffs
Ancient Embroidered Mitts
Ancient Embroidered Pantaloons
Ancient Embroidered Slippers
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume I
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume II
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume III
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume IV
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume IX
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume V
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume VI
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume VII
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume VIII
Ancient Empyral Teachings Volume X
Ancient Energy of Zek
Ancient Envar Ring
Ancient Erudin Dagger
Ancient Erudite's Lost Censer
Ancient Etherealist Scroll Crate
ancient Fae bone
Ancient Faycetum
Ancient Faydwer Continent Map
Ancient Feerrott Staff
Ancient Fingerbone Earstud
Ancient Fishing Pole
Ancient Flowing Black Steel Sash
Ancient Foo Dog
ancient footman's bracers
ancient footman's sword
Ancient Forged Trinket
Ancient Fossil Ancient Fossil (Ground Treasures)
Ancient Fossil Ancient Fossil (Marus Seru Artifacts)
Ancient Froglok Skin Drape
Ancient Froglok Talisman Ancient Froglok Talisman (House Item)
Ancient Froglok Talisman Ancient Froglok Talisman (Item)
Ancient Frozen Scepter
Ancient Fury Scroll Crate
Ancient Garatch Nim Helm
Ancient Garatch Nim Wristguards
Ancient Gargoyle Eye
Ancient Gauntlets of Battle
Ancient Gauntlets of Beasts
Ancient Gauntlets of Clouds
Ancient Gauntlets of Concentration
Ancient Gauntlets of Devotion
Ancient Gauntlets of Elements
Ancient Gauntlets of Fangs
Ancient Gauntlets of Grace
Ancient Gauntlets of Knowledge
Ancient Gauntlets of Light
Ancient Gauntlets of Mirrors
Ancient Gauntlets of Prophets
Ancient Gauntlets of Storms
Ancient Gauntlets of Survival
Ancient Gauntlets of the Deep
Ancient Gauntlets of the Depths
Ancient Gauntlets of the Gambler
Ancient Gauntlets of the Guardian
Ancient Gauntlets of the Iron-heart
Ancient Gauntlets of the Knight
Ancient Gauntlets of the Matriarch
Ancient Gauntlets of the Nimble
Ancient Gauntlets of the Oceans
Ancient Gauntlets of the Soldier
Ancient Gauntlets of the Stoic
Ancient Gauntlets of the Sun
Ancient Gauntlets of the Tempest
Ancient Gauntlets of the Tree
Ancient Gauntlets of Vision
Ancient Gemmed Band
Ancient Geomancer Scroll Crate
Ancient Girdle of Battle
Ancient Gloves of Battle
Ancient Gloves of Beasts
Ancient Gloves of Clouds
Ancient Gloves of Concentration
Ancient Gloves of Devotion
Ancient Gloves of Elements
Ancient Gloves of Fangs
Ancient Gloves of Grace
Ancient Gloves of Knowledge
Ancient Gloves of Light
Ancient Gloves of Malice Ancient Gloves of Malice (0 Gem)
Ancient Gloves of Malice Ancient Gloves of Malice (0 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Gloves of Malice Ancient Gloves of Malice (1 Gem)
Ancient Gloves of Malice Ancient Gloves of Malice (1 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Gloves of Malice Ancient Gloves of Malice (2 Gem)
Ancient Gloves of Malice Ancient Gloves of Malice (2 Gem, PvP)
Ancient Gloves of Mirrors
Ancient Gloves of Prophets
Ancient Gloves of Storms
Ancient Gloves of Survival
Ancient Gloves of the Deep
Ancient Gloves of the Gambler
Ancient Gloves of the Guardian
Ancient Gloves of the Iron-heart
Ancient Gloves of the Knight
Ancient Gloves of the Nimble
Ancient Gloves of the Oceans
Ancient Gloves of the Soldier
Ancient Gloves of the Stoic
Ancient Gloves of the Sun
Ancient Gloves of the Tempest
Ancient Gloves of the Tree
Ancient Gloves of Vision
Ancient Glowfern
Ancient Glowflower
ancient gnarled ring
Ancient Gnarled Wand
Ancient Gnollstone Ring
Ancient Gold Band
ancient gold coin
Ancient Gold Token
Ancient Gossamer Shawl
Ancient Gown of Ice
Ancient Great Spear of Battle
Ancient Great Spear of Beasts
Ancient Great Spear of Clouds
Ancient Great Spear of Concentration
Ancient Great Spear of Devotion
Ancient Great Spear of Elements
Ancient Great Spear of Fangs
Ancient Great Spear of Grace
Ancient Great Spear of Knowledge
Ancient Great Spear of Light
Ancient Great Spear of Mirrors
Ancient Great Spear of Prophets
Ancient Great Spear of Storms
Ancient Great Spear of Survival
Ancient Great Spear of the Deep
Ancient Great Spear of the Gambler
Ancient Great Spear of the Guardian
Ancient Great Spear of the Iron-heart
Ancient Great Spear of the Knight
Ancient Great Spear of the Nimble
Ancient Great Spear of the Oceans
Ancient Great Spear of the Soldier
Ancient Great Spear of the Stoic
Ancient Great Spear of the Sun
Ancient Great Spear of the Tempest
Ancient Great Spear of the Tree
Ancient Great Spear of Vision
Ancient Great Staff of Battle
Ancient Great Staff of Beasts
Ancient Great Staff of Clouds
Ancient Great Staff of Concentration
Ancient Great Staff of Devotion
Ancient Great Staff of Elements
Ancient Great Staff of Fangs
Ancient Great Staff of Grace
Ancient Great Staff of Knowledge
Ancient Great Staff of Light
Ancient Great Staff of Mirrors
Ancient Great Staff of Prophets
Ancient Great Staff of Storms
Ancient Great Staff of Survival
Ancient Great Staff of the Deep
Ancient Great Staff of the Gambler
Ancient Great Staff of the Guardian
Ancient Great Staff of the Iron-heart
Ancient Great Staff of the Knight
Ancient Great Staff of the Nimble
Ancient Great Staff of the Oceans
Ancient Great Staff of the Soldier
Ancient Great Staff of the Stoic
Ancient Great Staff of the Sun
Ancient Great Staff of the Tempest
Ancient Great Staff of the Tree
Ancient Great Staff of Vision
Ancient Great-axe of Battle
Ancient Great-axe of Beasts
Ancient Great-axe of Clouds
Ancient Great-axe of Concentration
Ancient Great-axe of Devotion
Ancient Great-axe of Elements
Ancient Great-axe of Fangs
Ancient Great-axe of Grace
Ancient Great-axe of Knowledge
Ancient Great-axe of Light
Ancient Great-axe of Mirrors
Ancient Great-axe of Prophets
Ancient Great-axe of Storms
Ancient Great-axe of Survival
Ancient Great-axe of the Deep
Ancient Great-axe of the Gambler
Ancient Great-axe of the Guardian
Ancient Great-axe of the Iron-heart
Ancient Great-axe of the Knight
Ancient Great-axe of the Nimble
Ancient Great-axe of the Oceans
Ancient Great-axe of the Soldier
Ancient Great-axe of the Stoic
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