Cazic-Thule, The Faceless
The Faceless
Alignment - Evil
Prophet - Danak Dhorentath

Cazic-Thule is allied with Rallos Zek and Innoruuk, and the enemy of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. Followers of the Faceless fear their Lord and believe that only by causing terror in others will they be spared his vengeful wrath. Fear rules their lives and through fear they rule the lives of others. Pain, misery, violence, torture, living sacrifice - these are the tools of a Cazicite. Many lizardman tribes are devout followers of Cazic-Thule, but his number of humanoid followers grows daily, a cold shadow slowly engulfing the bright spots of Norrath in a nightmare of horror and pain. [Source]

Accepting Your Deity[edit | edit source]

Speak with Danak Dhorentath (-300, 180, 750) in Dagnor's Pass

Devotion Quests[edit | edit source]

Danak Dhorentath

  1. A Hint of Fear (25)
  2. The Sins of Butcherblock (35)
  3. Forsaken (54)
  4. Somborn Spirits (63)
  5. Strife (70 heroic)

Blessings[edit | edit source]

File:Cazic-Thule Blessings and Miracles.jpg

Praying to Cazic-Thule

Blessing Name Favor Description
Terror of the Fear-Servant 750 chance of fear proc
Thule's Blessing 875 10% spell damage and duration increase and 25% resistability reduction
Servant of Fear 1000 Summons a pet Servant of Fear
Spines of Thule 1125 on melee damage chance of fear and poison proc
Fear's Grasp 1250 Charms target

Miracles[edit | edit source]

Miracle Name Favor Description
Id's Release 1125 Makes target afraid
Thule's Fear Mastery 1312 Makes caster immune to Fear effects
Amygdalan Assault 1500 Summons a limited pet to aid the caster
Terror Link 1687 buff, on damage: fears target
Cazic's Will 1875 Debuff and Fear with 5675 mental damage on termination

Visual[edit | edit source]

Pet Cloak Avatar
Servant of Thule Cape of Thule
Cloak of Thule
Avatar of Fear
Minion of Thule (pet).jpg Thule Cloak.jpg Avatar of Fear.jpg

Planar Opposite[edit | edit source]

Plane of Valor

Attributed Creations[edit | edit source]

  1. Shissar The Age of Monuments
  2. Iksar The Age of Monuments
  3. Troll The Age of Monuments
  4. Lizardman The Age of Monuments
  5. Amygdalan unknown

Derivative Creations[edit | edit source]

  1. Drolvarg vampire iksar
  2. Myconid druid iksar
  3. Sarnak dragon iksar hybrid
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