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LvL 1-10

Any starter area kill everything avoid questing as it distracts you.

You should start with lvl 1 mobs and fight into the wilderness They will

drop armor for you.

Just keep soloing white and blues till lvl 10 no stopping shopping just killing

and looting.

Takes about 20-40 mins depending on class.

LvL 10-20

Take portal to norath- Go to Butcher Block Mountains.

Beg for a guild just look for somone with a guild tag.

Once in a guild ask somone to make you lvl 10 crafted armor offer some coin you got from

selling lvl 1-10 crap off mobs. (This usually takes 30-40 minutes oh! and get some


Once you armored head to portal of norath again and go to -The comon lands Walk in

wilderness till you find blue and white mobs. Kill no stoping no shopping till 20.

Takes 2-3 hours

(optional if lvl 16 By now you should have found a broken harness if you did you can go in

an instance Just east of the griffon post in lower south west of map for fast lvl 18.)

LvL 20-33(Time to hit guild up for upgraded crafted gear lvl 20)

Ok take portal to norath Butcher Block Mountains Again. Fight wildlife Blue white and

yellow till you have lvl 22 no stop no shop.

(Takes about 1-2 hours.)

Then take griffon to highland outpost. Just north and just NE are

two camps ones kobalds and others avacks there are 3-2 packs easy aoe kills If you dont

have aoe magic roamers give xp bonus kill them. Stay here till lvl 25 then head to

lvl 26-28 golems/constructs they are located North west of lesser fay grffon post in a cove

by a quarry.

Xp here till lvl 30 (Now is a good time to /claim those free xp boosts)

(Takes about 5 hours)

Now head to Kaladim its in N by NW section of map and enter.

Xp the roamers just inside the entrance till lvl 32 then just inside the gate till 33-34.

(Takes about 2-3 hours)

Option LvL 29-33

Can be done at griffon post by grater fay in bbm theres a lvl 30 kobald camp there.

Dont forget LVL 30 new armor crafting from guild or broker-----

LvL 33-35

Lesser fay griffon post in bbm. Head southwest to kobald camp lvl 32 mobs.

Takes 2 hours.

LvL 35-38

Back to kaladim - Kill Miners takes about 2-3 hours.(Hint follow the monorail tracks)

LvL 38-40

Take portal to Norath to Everfrost. Swim W by NW **DONT GET ATE BY SHARKS** You should come

to a valley with lvl 40-45 exploreres,wolves, and birds. Kill non heroic wolves and birds

as you travel the valley till it ends in and open area with goats lizards wolves and bulls.

Kill only lvl 40-42 creatures.

Takes 2-3 hours.

At lvl 40 theres an instance on west wall there for quick 2 yellow bulbs and rare. 17 hour


LvL 40-43___Armor time lvl 40 crafted___

Head back to Kaladim. Xp everything in the place green - blue takes about 2-3 hours.

Lvl 43-47

Back to everfrost. Take the stable mast to the first camp not the lake.Kill Skellies,Snow leapords, and elk. Takes 3-4 hours.

Lvl 46-48

Tunnle northwest of that camp has spiders. Takes 1-2 hours dependig if doing 1 or 2 lvls.

Lvl 47-50

Take stable master in everfrost to lake. Xp Giants in that area till lvl 50 takes 3-4 hours.

LVL 1-50 guide 30-40 hours By. DeboMan

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