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  • The Phoenix Elite Wiki has a complete comprehensive adornments section. As of 09 May 2007, the Phoenix Elite Wiki is no longer in service. As I wrote the guide and don't wish it to be lost in cyberspace, I have exported the entire adornment guide, including images, and will be uploading them here soon. Hopefully, Florence can tweak my template so it won't take a complete re-write, but each page WILL need some work. Thank you for your patience while this transition is occuring, I'll have the entire guide up as soon as I can.--Mr. Uber {chat}
  • A detailed and up to date (as of October 30th, 2007 ~ Pre RoK) listing of adornments by slot, color coded by rarity, with stats based on tier avialability is available <here>. --Fireforkts {chat}

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