In-Game Wizard Prestige Tree
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These are Subclass Prestige that are common to Wizard.

The first ability in a tree requires level 95+.
The abilties in the second line require 1 point spent in the first abiltiy.
The abilties in the third line require 5 points spent in the abiltiy before.
To unlock the last abilities 20 points needs to spent across line 1, 2, 3.

Prestige TreeEdit

Bulwark of ManaEnhanced VigorGuarded AwarenessImbued SightAccuracy from StrengthUndeniable PowerPower from the SoulModified StrengthMystical RedirectionWeapon of the MindVitality to StrengthWorld AblazeUnda Arcanus SpiritusWizard Class Prestige
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Starter Edit

Bulwark of Mana

Prismatic Edit

Enhanced Vigor
Guarded Awareness
Imbued Sight
Accuracy from Strength
Undeniable Power
Power from the Soul
Wisdom Tree
Modified Strength
Mystical Redirection
Intelligence Tree
Weapon of the Mind
Vitality to Strength
Wizard Prestige Endlines
World Ablaze
Unda Arcanus Spiritus

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