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Race: Werewolf

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Werewolves are sentient beings who have been infected with Lycanthropy by the bite of another werewolf who is regarded as their sire. When first infected they will change into wolf-like form involuntarily and only during the 3 nights of the full moon, often failing to remember what they did while changed, but over time they learn to control it and are able to change at will. As time goes on, they come to prefer their lupine form, eventually choosing to stay a wolf permanently and losing the ability to change back.

When in lupine form, a werewolf is all rage and savagery retaining very little of the intellect they may have had. Should you encounter a werewolf, you must not think that you can 'save' it. Your only choice is to put it down like the animal it has become. This should be considered an act of mercy.

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