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Weaponsmiths make metal weapons, leather weapons, and metal ranged weapons (Thrown only). Weaponsmiths use the Forge for most items, but require the Loom for leather weapons such as fistwraps and whips.

In order to take up this Tradeskill when you reach level 19 in your crafting career, you need to choose the Outfitter class when you reach tradeskill level 9. In other words, the progression to take up this trade is: Artisan->Outfitter->Weaponsmith

The skill set for this trade is Metalworking.


Weaponsmiths use mostly Hard Metal, followed by Hides and Gems. Thrown weapons require Hard Metal, Roots, and Wood.
Weaponsmiths use mostly coal for Fuel, but also use filaments for leather weapons.


Hard Metal is used for all metal weapons.
Hide is used for all leather weapons.

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