In-Game Warden Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: RootDawnstrikeEnhance: ResurrectionsEnhance: Cure (Warden)Enhance: Cure II (Warden)Enhance: Regenerating SporesEnhance: Spirit of the BatEnhance: SnareEnhance: Spirit of the WolfIcefall StrikeFrostbite SliceEnhance: Cure III (Warden)Enhance: Cure Curse (Warden)Enhance: Willow WispEnhance: UndergrowthEnhance: Warden of the ForestWhirl of PermafrostEnhance: TranquilityEnhance: Verdant WhisperEnhance: Healing GroveEnhance: Death InterventionsNature WalkForce of NatureReformationShatter InfectionsFrozen LimbsAnimal InstinctVitality of the Great BearSkin Like WoodHierophantic RegenerationPrimal RageCycloneWarden AA Tree
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