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Veteran Rewards are in-game items, introduced in LU16. To open the window to get the rewards, type /claim. Each reward is claimable once per character.

Account Age Example.png

Each reward is tied to a certain milestone of account age. You can see your account age on the Character (C) window, at the very bottom of the right hand vertical scroll section. Mousing over the number of days, shows the break down of your base+bonus time.

Your account age is the time can also be boosted by owning the first 4 expansions (Desert of Flames, Kingdom of Sky, Echoes of Faydwer, Rise of Kunark). Each of these added 90 days of time to your account, a total of 1 full extra year of time. This practice was ended with The Shadow Odyssey.

If an expected Veteran Reward is not at first listed, simply close the /claim window and reopen it a moment later. Now, your Veteran Reward should be listed. There is also a 60 second delay between claiming items. This is due to historical technical limitations, that likely dont exist anymore, as devs have stated they want to remove, or drop that time.


Account Age
Veteran Reward
Items Consumables Suffix Titles
1 Day Bag of Endless Adventure

1 Week (7)
6x Drink of the Wise
1 Month (30) Weapon rack H 3x Field Repair Kit
3x Wand of Forgiveness

3 Months (90) a basic firework
Your future tomb stone H
Reforming Stone
6 Months (182*)
6x Draught of the Wise
1 Year (365)
6x Draft of the Wise the Loyal
18 Months (547*) a fancy firework
Pirate flag H

2 Years (730)
A Magic Makeover Mirror
6x Draft of the Wise
the Dedicated
3 Years (1095) Veteran's Display Case H 6x Draft of the Wise the Distinguished
an ancestral scroll
4 years (1460) Mystic Moppet Billy
Treasure Hoard H
6x Draft of the Wise the Zealous
5 Years (1825) The 5-Year Firework
Pixie on a String
Orb of Concentrated Memories
6x Draft of the Sage
6 Years (2190) Hammer of Adept Hands
Call of the Veteran
Fate Accessory Bag
3x Wand of Forgiveness
7 Years (2555) a blood-written contract (house)
8 Years (2920) Veteran Revival,
Vision of the Thullosian,
Veteran's Elemental Mount
6x Draft of the Wise Title: The Veteran
9 Years (3285) Expanded Veteran's Display Case H 7 Gnom-o-matic Equipment Unattuner
3 Field Repair Kit
3 Scroll of Resurrection
3 Health Potion
3 Power Potion
10 Years (3650) Mercenary: Lady Liae Croae (Paladin Mercenary)
Mercenary: Lord Valkiss Ssi'sh (SK Mercenary)
11 Years (4015) Isle of Refuge Prestige Home Deed of Ownership
Isle of Refuge Population Pack
12 Years (4380) 365 Loyalty Point Tokens
  • * - these adjusted age values provided by SOE
  • H - House item

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