In-Game Troubador Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Night StrikeEnhance: Perfect ShrillEnhance: Cheap ShotEnhance: Bria's Inspiring BalladEnhance: Depressing ChantEnhance: Dancing BladeEnhance: Aria of MagicEnhance: Arcane SymphonyEnhance: Painful LamentationsEnhance: Singing ShotEnhance: Bria's Entrancing SonnetEnhance: Chaos AnthemEnhance: Zander's Choral RebuffEnhance: Rejuvenating CelebrationEnhance: Breathtaking BellowEnhance: LullabyEnhance: Demoralizing ProcessionalEnhance: Perfection of the MaestroEnhance: Thunderous OvertureEnhance: Jester's CapEnhance: Elemental ConcertoDemoralizationSonic InterferenceHarmonizationResonanceBallad of WardingMind TapMental ChaosStunning LullabyResonating ConcertoHarbinger's BalladEnergizing BalladTroubador AA Tree.jpg
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