The resources are via the Transmute ability given all characters at L1. Those who take up the Adorning secondary tradeskill can turn these into Adornments

Tier Fragment Powder Infusion Mana Icons by tier
T1 Lapis Lazuli Ulteran Earth Refined
Lapis LazuliCoralJasperOpalRubyPearlLunarEmeraldUnderfootUlteranAetherPhantomEtherealSpectralVisionIllusionarySacredVoidEarthAirFireWaterNightmaresDaydreamsIllusionRealityVoidRefinedProcessedClarifiedPurifiedNaturalCoalescedHardenedCrystallizedDistilledTransbox.png
T2 Coral Aether Air Processed
T3 Jasper Phantom Fire Clarified
T4 Opal Ethereal Water Purified
T5 Ruby Spectral Nightmares Natural
T6 Pearl Vision Daydreams Coalesced
T7 Lunar Illusionary Illusion Hardened
T8 Emerald Sacred Reality Crystallized
T9 Underfoot Void Void Distilled
T10 Frozen Frozen Ice Frozen

See Transmuting for all the details

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