These items grant some percentage of "success chance" for tradeskilling.

While they are only a few %, every bit helps. All it takes it one badly timed Critical Failure to ruin your day.


Village of Shin (Fallen Dynasty) Edit

Quests for tradeskillers in the Village of Shin from the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack gave each profession a charm with +10 skill for their profession and a 1.1% crafting success bonus (Quest Reward).

Note: if you changed your profession after receiving your Shin charm, speak to Rai Faela Nurwin for information on obtaining one for your new profession.

Tinkering (Echoes of Faydwer)Edit

Echoes of Faydwer gave us Tinkering, which gave each profession a selection of charms

  • +1% charm at L20 1
  • +2% charm at L33 1
  • +5% charm at L54 1
    • (see below about the L1)


  • You cannot double up a charm of same effect
    • 3% + 3% = no
    • 2% + 3% = yes
  • As of LU40 (aka RoK), these charms (EoF tinkered ones only) are now charm(optional) and despite the text, you do not need to have them equipped for them to be active, only in your inventory and attuned! Yes, that does mean you can have all 3 charms active at the same time (for a total of +8%)
  • As of LU65 (aka Chains of Eternity), in the process of removing tinkering skill requirement from items, SOE also goofed and removed the "Artisan:" requirement from nearly all tinkerer items, including the success charms. Meaning what was a L20 crafter item, was briefly requiring L20 in Adventuring. A patch the next day set the level on all these items to L1 Adventuring, but did not restore the Artisan restrictions or levels. Yay us!


This effect is not always from a equipment (mostly charms), sometimes it is granted through other means

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