Tradeskill stations provide artisans with locations at which to make their wares. Each type of artisan works at a different type of crafting station. Besides the traditional tradeskill instances, artisans can create their wares in the comforts of the villages, the city centers, and even in some of the more dangerous adventuring locations. Regardless of location, however, there are only seven types of general stations at which they can work. The following links detail each type of station.

Note: A few zones such as The Nest of the Great Egg and Solusek's Eye contain specialty crafting stations with specific purposes or apparent crafting stations that can't be used by players. These are not listed here.

Note: For the crafter on the go, there are Portable versions of each of these. Crafted by Tinkerers, made from Tier 5 parts (thats 200+ skill), these little charms have 5 uses each (at 5 minutes per charge). Finally a nice solution for cross-city crafting requests, or for field crafting of no-trade Commission items. Remember to bring your own fuel.

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