Just like Tradeskill Stations but for your house!

Available from city merchants (Guild level requirements) or from your city's Tradeskill faction (faction requirements).

type cost guild level Tradeskill faction
Simple 1g 11s 64c 6125 status ? amiably (+10,000)
Formed 3g 35s 9c 17780 status ?
Worked 10g 27c 53689 status ?
Elaborate 87g 44s 80c 482805 status 25 warmly (+30,000)

Each level of adds an additional quality bar to the crafted item. Since LU24's removal of non-pristine tiers, only the Elaborate stations are generally useful.

Formed and worked stations were removed from merchants (but not from the game) when the move to 'pristine only' crafting was introduced. SOE kept the Simple stations for use in decorating, due to their lower cost.

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