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Alliz Tae Ew guarding one of the pyramids within the Temple of Cazic-Thule.

The Tae Ew Lizardmen (Shattered Lands)
The Alliz Tae Ew are a cannibalistic tribe of lizardmen that live within the jungle of the Feerrott. These lizards are members of a cult of Fear called the Thulians. They are cousins to the Alliz Evol Ew, whom they often feed upon as their dark lords instruct them to.

The identity of the Tae Ew comes mostly from what they recognize as superior over the Evol Ew: they have larger numbers, defend and maintain the Temple of Cazic-Thule, and are allowed to be Thulians, alongside Cazic-Thule's chosen, the amygdalans. Yet, the Tae Ew cannot wipe out the Evol Ew nor absorb them into their own since the two tribes exist in a balance. The relationship between these two tribes have been recorded into three tomes, Alliz Evol Ew, Alliz Onu, and Alliz Tae Ew. These tomes are written rather cryptically and have never been properly deciphered.

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