Sabertooth Gnolls within Blackburrow

The Sabertooth Gnolls (Shattered Lands)
The Sabertooth Clan is the largest known clan of gnolls inhabiting the Shattered Lands. These gnolls are comprised of many smaller packs that have banded together to bring about the end of the great cities of men, whom they have viewed as an eternal foe.

As is custom in gnoll society, the dominant gnoll pack subjugates the lesser gnoll packs of the region and assimilates them into their pack - forming a clan. The Sabertooth Pack is this dominant pack on Karan and therefore all other gnoll packs of the region are subordinate to them and are part of the Sabertooth Clan. When killing a gnoll of a subjugated pack, i.e. a Darkpaw, a player's reputation will be negativity affected as the Darkpaw pack is part of the Sabertooth Clan.

While the bulk of the Sabertooth Clan tends to their ancestral home of Blackburrow, other Sabertooth and the lesser packs roam throughout the zones of Antonica and the Thundering Steppes. These outlying packs tend to wind up in confrontations with the other factions and groups present. In the Thundering Steppes they are diametrically opposed to the forces of the Great Herd and the Steppes Settlers. In Antonica they have waged countless battles against Qeynos and her citizens. Whether or not these skirmishes with their neighbors are seen as acts of aggression or defense is left up to the observer. At one point, after the Rending, humans and other sentient beings in the Antonican region sought refuge with the Sabertooth of Blackburrow and the Sabertooth took them in!

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