The Ree Orcs are lead by Lord Ree.

The Ree Orcs (Shattered Lands)
The Ree Orcs are a small clandestine band of orcs that operate somewhere on the continent of D'Lere. They are plunderers that will seize goods to use as trade with any organization that will do business with them.

The Ree are found in the northern part of the Commonlands around Dog Trapper Lake and Dead Man's Valley, with the bulk of their forces underground in the Wailing Caves. They maintain relationships with The Bloodskull Orcs of the lower Commonlands, the Blackshield Pirates, and the Dervish Cutthroats.

Of particular note is their relationship with the undead Shin'Ree Orcs, who dwell within the Wailing Caves. During the Wailing Caves Timeline it is revealed that the Ree are resurrecting the Shin'ree for nefarious ends: using their bones to create a skeletal army.

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