Icespire Summit

Icespire Summit, where the Order of the Blade fiercely defends.

The Order of the Blade (Shattered Lands)
These fierce maidens of the cold blade are rumored to be the children of the Ice Goddess, E'ci. They believe that only through intense combat and challenge can true honor be obtained.

The Order of the Blade is composed solely of valkyrie and is located in central Everfrost, protecting Icespire Summit. They will act aggressively to any that stray too close to Icespire Caverns, but may warm up to an adventurer that is willing to help them out. Due to shrinking territory after the near total destruction of the northlands post-Age of Cataclysms, their ages long struggle against their neighbors, the Frosthorn Minotaur, has become more vicious.

No known allies
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