Black Magi Enclave in the Sprawl, where the Marked live out their days.

The Marked (Shattered Lands)
A secretive and silent group, the membership of the Marked seems to be entirely ratongan. While it is unknown what goals this group pursues, they will without a doubt bring trouble to the other races of Norrath.

Currently, the Marked are synonmous with the Black Magi, a ratongan gang active in the Sprawl on the outskirts of Freeport. It is possible that there are other groups within the Marked, but none other than the Black Magi have ever been confirmed. The Black Magi are involved in a territorial gang war with the Dervish Cuttrhoats and the Dreadnaughts in the Sprawl.

Peculiarly, the Black Magi along with the Guttersnipes, a former Freeportian street gang, are involved in a bizarre summoning ritual in the Shattered Vale of Antonica.

No known allies
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