The Dervish Encampment in western Commonlands where the bulk of the Devish on D'Lere are found.

The Dervish Cutthroats (Shattered Lands)
The Dervish Cutthroats are said to be the largest bandit organization that ever existed. They are plunderers that will seize goods to use as trade with any organization that will do business with them. These bandits can be found throughout the Shattered Lands, but they are most prevalent in The Commonlands.
Although not faction-linked, The Freeport Militia are often at odds with the Dervish, due to The Freeport Militia being the policing entity in the region that the Dervish Cutthroats are active in. Also not faction-linked, The Dreadnaughts and the Black Magi are gang rivals of the Dervish in The Sprawl.
The Dervish Cutthroats are led by a mysterious dark elf known only by his moniker: The Highwayman.
No known allies
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