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The Deathfist Citadel, main fortress of the Deathfist Empire. It is from here that Emperor Fyst commands his numerous orc armies.

The Deathfist Orcs (Shattered Lands)
The Deathfist Empire is one of the greatest threats to the civilized societies of the Shattered Lands. This orc empire maintains a vast war machine that has claimed Zek, a former resource-rich forest island, as their new base of operations.
The Deathfist began as one of the marauding orc tribes in Old Antonica, before The Rending. They quickly became feared in their local lands for their savagery and skill in combat. When they grew in size they came to be the dominant orc clan in the region and became a serious threat to Freeport, openly attacking any Freeportian establishment.
During The Age of War, the Deathfist, by this time led by Emperor Gash and referred to as an 'empire', joined forces with the Avatar of War and the Second Rallosian Army to conquer all the known world. The war would turn sour for the Deathfist, however, and the aftermath left their forces severely depleted and scattered. The remnants of the Deathfist army while at this point can be found throughout the Shattered Lands, with every current orc clan claiming some allegiance, former or current.
In The Age of Destiny the Deathfist Empire seeks to rebuild it's forces to their former glory. They almost control all of Zek, the Orcish Wastes, thus named for their near total dominance of the island and total influence of it. Under their current leader, Emperor Fyst, the Deathfist Empire has seen steady growth and remains a serious threat to the forces of Freeport and Qeynos.

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