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The Bloodskull banner.

The Bloodskull Orcs (Shattered Lands)
The Bloodskull Orcs are a relatively new clan of orcs that has begun to operate near the city of Freeport. Unlike the larger orc empires, the Bloodskulls do not seem to have a fortified capital nor do they seem to be interested in greater conquest.
In the past, however, the Bloodskulls were much more conquest oriented. The dominant clan of the same name, the Bloodskulls, have sieged Freeport and are currently using their subordinate orc clans, The Lonetusk and The Brokentusk to constantly attack The Freeport Militia in The Ruins. The bulk of the Bloodskull forces are in the southern part of the Commonlands and in Bloodskull Valley where they plan raids on Freeport and the various settlements strewn about the region.
Although there exists no textual proof, it is widely assumed that the Bloodskulls are the remnants of the Deathfist army that sieged Freeport during the Second Rallosian War.

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