In-Game Templar Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Mark of DivinityEnhance: RebukeEnhance: Divine SmiteEnhance CureEnhance Cure IIEnhance: Healing FateEnhance: Sign of PacificationEnhance: HarmonyEnhance: Involuntary GiftEnhance: Divine StrikeEnhance: Warring DeitiesEnhance: Involuntary Gift (Cures)Enhance: Shield of FaithEnhance: Unyielding BenedictionEnhance: SootheEnhance: AwestruckEnhance: Blaze of FaithEnhance: GloryEnhance: Smite CorruptionEnhance: Unswerving HammerEnhance: Devoted ResolveEnhance: SanctuaryBlessingsOverconfidenceSmite WrathMana CureSoul CorruptionDivine ReckoningHoly ProtectorDivine MeditationAtonementCleansing of the SoulTrue FaithTemplar AA Tree
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