In-Game Swashbuckler Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Kidney StabEnhance: Lucky GambitEnhance: SneakEnhance: Flash of SteelEnhance: Offensive PoisonsEnhance: Avoid BlameEnhance: Perfect FinesseEnhance: ViscerateEnhance: Turgur PoisonEnhance: Arctic BlastEnhance: Dashing SwatheEnhance: Inspired DaringEnhance: Double-CrossEnhance: Razor EdgeEnhance: Mental PoisonsEnhance: Flurry of BladesEnhance: HurricaneEnhance: Storm of SteelEnhance: En GardeEnhance: Flamboyant StrikeEnhance: Lung PuncturePotencyReachAdvance WarningEnhance: Snap of the WristSkilled DeceptionViscerating StabPunctured LungSlice and DiceIllusion of HatredFlash of PowerSwarthy ExpertiseSwashbuckler AA Tree.jpg
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