Mage (spells)
Summoner (AAs) (spells)
 - Conjuror (epic) (AAs) (Shadows AAs) (Dragon AAs) (spells)
 - Necromancer (epic) (AAs) (Shadows AAs) (Dragon AAs) (spells)

This is the pet subclass of EQ2, which means, you rely heavily on the presence of your pet to survive and do damage. The main differences between the two classes are


  • evil aligned
  • more single target based attacks
  • does disease and noxious damage
  • has feign death, mana regen and can rez
  • relys on procs
  • better pet heals
  • safer


  • good aligned
  • more encounter target based attacks
  • does elemental damage
  • can call group members to his position
  • more stoneskins for pet, which can help the pet to survive raid content
  • faster

Both are outstanding good soloers and generally easy to play.

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