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Deep within Splitpaw Lair dwells the greatest threat in Norrath's new history! Enter the legendary lair of the Splitpaw Gnolls to discover the terrible secrets of their mysterious dungeons. Use movable planks, crates and barrels to forge your way through a series of event-based zones while battling [fearsome undead, native fungusmen] and the ferocious Underpaw Gnoll Clan. Experience the thrill of adventure for months to come as the challenge scales in difficulty for players between 20th and 50th level. [1].

Introduced on June 8, 2005, Splitpaw Saga was the second adventure pack released for EverQuest II. Many years after, Splitpaw Saga became included for free with the standard download of Everquest II.


Most of the Splitpaw Saga zones are automatically scaled to match the character's level, from 20-50. When in a group, the zones scale to the average level of the group. You can modify the target level by choosing 'normal', 'difficult' (level+1), or 'very difficult' (level+2) when you enter an instance. Beyond level 50, a player can still do Splitpaw Saga quests and zones, however the monsters will stop scaling to match character level.

Splitpaw Lair is fairly challenging compared to other places of the same level. Most classes will find the monsters harder at levels 20-35, and easier at levels 35-50, once the character has obtained more spells and abilities.

Starting the Adventure[]

To begin the saga you must examine a darkened azure shard or zone into The Thundering Steppes with a darkened azure shard in your inventory. You will need to right-click and 'use' one of the four terraporters found in The Thundering Steppes and the item will automatically be placed in your inventory. Terraporter locations are:

  • 548, -1, -507 ) Copy
  • 710, -2, -414 ) Copy
  • 1023, -1, -247 ) Copy
  • 1267, -3, -208 ) Copy

Examination of a darkened azure shard initiates the main quest, A Darkened Shard. Completing steps of this quest will unlock and introduce the player to the rest of the Splitpaw Saga content.

Note: You can no longer obtain the darkened shard using /claim and players will not receive an in-game mail message about the Splitpaw Saga the first time they enter the Thundering Steppes.


Once the introductory steps of A Darkened Shard are complete, Splitpaw Lair can be entered from a small cave in The Thundering Steppes. The entrance takes you into the Upper Tunnels, which must be traversed in order to reach the 'town' of Splitpaw Lair: Splitpaw Den. From Splitpaw Den, most other Splitpaw Saga zone can be entered. As a general rule, the deeper you delve into Splitpaw Lair, the darker and more challenging the zones become. Also, as you progress along with the content, you will eventually gain the ability to directly teleport to within Splitpaw Den.


This is a list of all associated Splitpaw Saga zones. They are not necessarily ordered according to when they become unlocked.

Outside Splitpaw Lair[]

Inside Splitpaw Lair[]

From the the highest (at the surface) to the lowest:


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