The gnolls were made by Brell Serilis, intended to be his true children and heirs, and Splitpaw Lair was where he made them. All other gnolls on Norrath are descended from the Splitpaw. - (Source: History of the Verishe Mal)

The Splitpaw are the only gnoll clan to be made up of just one gnoll pack. It is for this reason that they developed a very rigid caste system. Members of the clan are given titles denoting their position within the clan. These titles are comprised of two parts: the first indicates their class, while the second is an indication of rank.

Class Translation Rank Translation
Nisch Priest Mal High
Rosch Mage Val Middle
Tesch Fighter Mas Low
Lteth Scout
Tasch Worker

So, a Tasch Mas miner is a low-level laborer, while a Tesch Val fanatic could be a shadowknight, a Nisch Mal pariah is probably a powerful defiler and a Nisch Mas heretic is in all likelihood a low-ranking inquisitor.

During The Rending, when the continents of Norrath were being ripped apart, the Splitpaw were thrown into disarray. The well-defined tunnels and passageways within Splitpaw Lair were destroyed or caved-in. It was during one particularly violent quake that the entrance to the Lair was blocked off. However, gnolls are quite adaptive and those that remained in Splitpaw adjusted to their new reality.

At the start of The Age of Destiny, terraporters began to spring up in The Thundering Steppes, where the entrance to Splitpaw Lair once was. These devices were bizarre to the senitent races of Norrath and after an investigation was conducted by Qeynos and Freeport it was revealed that these were teleportation devices being used by the Splitpaw to move around their various dens and burrows. Thus began the Splitpaw Saga. What started as a simple investigation into a peculiar phenomenon turned into a full-scale conflict between the heroes of Norrath and a race of hyper-aggressive, extra-strong gnolls called the Underpaw. For more information on these events play through the Splitpaw Saga content and complete the Splitpaw Saga Timeline.

Since the events of Sundered Splitpaw, the Splitpaw Clan has remained relatively quiet. They maintain relations with the Sabertooth Clan and their affiliated packs, and a few of the nicer one still welcome any adventurer brave enough to enter their domain.

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