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Splitpaw Gnolls (Shattered Lands)
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History[edit | edit source]

The Gnolls were made by Brell Serilis, intended to be his true children and heirs, and the Splitpaw Lair is where he made them. All of the other Gnolls of Norrath are descended from the Splitpaw.[2]

In the early days, one clan rose to supremeacy of the Splitpaw. These were the Verishe Mal, led by a powerful Necromancer, Ishva Mal (which means, literally, Supreme Leader). Ishva had a son, Forsoth Mal, who leaned more to elemental magic. When Ishva was overthrown by the Rosch Mal, the caste of Wizards, Farsoth sought to avenge his father but his learning was incomplete. He ripped a hole across the planes and many terrible creatures were released within the Lair and he fled into the deeper caverns.[1] Shortly after this, members of the priesthood rose to power forming a Council of Nine, the elders of the Nisch Val.[2]

Society[edit | edit source]

The Splitpaw have a very rigid caste system. Caste titles are comprised of 2 parts. The first indicates the profession of the gnoll, while the second is an indication of his accomplishments or birth.


  • Nisch - Priests
  • Rosch - Mages
  • Tesch - Fighters
  • Lteth - Scouts
  • Tasch - Workers

Within each class are several rankings:

  • Mal - High (literal translation: Leader)
  • Val - Middle
  • Mas - Low

So, a Tasch Mas miner is a low-level laborer, while a Tesch Val fanatic could be a Shadowknight, a Nisch Mal pariah is probably a powerful Defiler and a Nisch Mas heretic is in all likelihood a low-ranking Inquisitor.

Refrences[edit | edit source]

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[2] History of the Verishe Mal
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