Sootfoot Goblins hard at work.

Sootfoot Talent Society (Shattered Lands)
The Sootfoot Talent Society is a faction of unpredictable goblins in Lavastorm.

Comprised of Sootfoot Goblins, the Sootfoot Talent Society acts as the group's tradeskill organization. They are a strange faction in that the worse an adventurer's standing with them, the more they open up and start offering more quests and items. Faction starts at 40,000 and as the player progresses through the Lavastorm Timeline, their standing will gradually lower until -10,000. It is possible to go as far as -50,000, but as soon as the player zones or logs the faction standing will get set back to -10,000 [1]. This is not a problem as all items can be purchased from Kabcar Trapitsa at -10,000.

No known allies
  • Force of the Void in Lavastorm
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