In-Game Shadowknight Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Innoruuk's CaressEnhance: Grim HarbingerEnhance: Blasphemy IEnhance: Blasphemy IIEnhance: Shadow CoilEnhance: Unholy BlessingEnhance: Cleave FleshEnhance: Insidious WhisperLeech TouchEnhance: Mortal EmbraceEnhance: RescueEnhance: Devour VitaeEnhance: Doom JudgementEnhance: Siphon StrengthEnhance: Hateful SlamEnhance: Death MarchEnhance: Mana SieveEnhance: Tap VeinsEnhance: Devouring MistsAlternate: Siphon ArmamentHateful RespiteReaverPools of BloodDreadful NightmaresEssence SiphoningMagical PactUnholy AbsorptionPooling BloodUnholy SacramentBlood SiphonShadowknight AA Tree
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