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Sentinel's Fate is the same patch as GU55. For the complete patch notes, see LU55

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Cover of PC box from Sentinel's Fate

Sentinel's Fate is the sixth expansion for Everquest 2, released in February 2010. It contains content intended for levels 80-90. This expansion also gives access to all previous released expansions and adventure packs. Adventuring, tradeskill, and guild level caps are raised to 90 and the AA cap is raised to 250. Sentinel's Fate takes place in the land of Odus and reveal the reason behind the Erudite Change. The fate of Norrath as a whole will rest with Odus as the Void storyline comes to a close as part of the larger end-of-days storyline.


  • Sentinel’s Fate introduces the fabled lands of Odus, filled with epic quests. Its features include:
    • Achieve your greatest potential with a level cap increase to 90
    • Discover two expansive new overland zones, The Sundered Frontier and The Stonebrunt Highlands
    • Battle through 12 epic dungeon additions
    • Experience the legend of Odus through 400 new quests
    • Conquer five new Heritage Quests with valuable new loot
    • Equip over 2,000 new weapons and pieces of armor and items
    • Add all new alternate advancement abilities to your arsenal of powers
    • Defeat hundreds of new dangerous and cunning creatures

Getting Started[]

Ro reach the Sentinel's Fate zones, use an Ulteran Spires to transport to the Sundered Frontier on Spire Island at ( 2218, -210, 2474 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI, which will be the first area you'll wish to explore. You may also travel to the Stonebrunt Highlands via the Quel'ule Teleporter at ( 1917, -301, 3318 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI: there is a teleportation nexus at the center of this spire that connects to any of the Ulteran Spires in Norrath.

The Toxxulia Forest Druid Ring is located at ( 988, -49, 3382 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.


Location at The Sundered Frontier

Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
The Hole 82+ Small Group Shared Dungeon ?
Demitrik's Bastion 85+ Group Instanced Dungeon 1 hour
Spirit's Resonance 88+ Group Instanced Dungeon ?
The Outer Vault 88+ Group Instanced Dungeon ?
The Vigilant: Incursion 90 Group Instanced Dungeon ?
The Vigilant: Infiltration 90 Group Instanced Dungeon ?
The Vigilant: Rescue 90 Group Instanced Dungeon ?

Location at The Stonebrunt Highlands

Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Library of Erudin 90 Group Instanced Dungeon 30 Min with all 90s or less
Erudin Research Halls 90 Group Instanced Dungeon ?
Royal Palace of Erudin 90 Group Instanced Dungeon ?

Quest Series[]

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Heritage Quests
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