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The forth adventure pack and first DLC for EverQuest II, released April 28, 2015. Update Notes

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Here’s a list of the features that are included in the Rum Cellar campaign: (Zone in is in Phantom Sea at ( 802, 11, -337 ) /waypoint 801.54, 11.38, -337.33

  • 2 Solo Zones (1 Solo and 1 Advanced Solo)
  • 3 Heroic Zones (1 Heroic, 1 Event Heroic, 1 Event Heroic-Challenge)
  • Raid Zone with 10 Bosses
  • Lots of Loot, including drops of a Rare Elite Mercenary and a Zeppelin Mount
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • New Gems for Armor
  • New Collections:
  • Merchant who accepts Far Sea Ferrin (who also sells a Zeppelin Mount!)


  • You can use any Globe of Swift Travel (listed as Far Seas Distillery) to quickly travel to the zone-in point for the associated quests.


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