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Residents of Teren's Grasp (Kunark)
Many NPCs, including vendors, quest givers, menders, etc., throughout Kylong Plains are part of this faction. Teren's Grasp is their main city.
No known allies
No known enemies
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See also: Residents of Teren's Grasp (Good Faction) and Residents of Teren's Grasp (Bad Faction)


  • All vendors and menders on this faction have a tax and charge more and pay less than normal vendors found elsewhere.
    • Vendors charge 31%-40% more for items you buy from them.
    • Vendors pay 31%-40% less for any items you sell to them.
    • Menders charge 31%-45% more to repair your items than normal menders.
  • Vendors and Menders will not do business with you until you reach a certain faction:
Location Faction Requirement Tax
Dreg's Landing Indifferent vendor 40%, mender 45%
Teren's Grasp Amiable vendor 31.5%, mender 31%
Brakthyr's Post Kindly vendor 31.5%, mender 31%
Highton Vendor: Indifferent, Mender: Kindly vendor 40%, mender 31%
Kunzar's Edge Kindly vendor 31.5%, mender 31%

Faction Merchants[]

You may buy weapons of Legendary quality from the faction merchant at Teren's Grasp once you reach 50,000 faction.

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