In-Game Ranger Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Caustic PoisonEnhance: SnareEnhance: Survival InstinctsEnhance: SprintEnhance: Searing ShotEnhance: Fettering PoisonEnhance: Immobilizing LungeEnhance: Snaring ShotEnhance: Focus AimEnhance: PathfindingEnhance: Makeshift ArrowsEnhance: Natural SelectionEnhance: Triple ShotEnhance: Ancillary PoisonEnhance: Thorny TrapEnhance: Killing InstinctEnhance: Honed ReflexesEnhance: EscapeEnhance: Hawk AttackEnhance: Storm of ArrowsEnhance: Stream of ArrowsConservationHook ArrowExtensionBefriend AnimalDouble ArrowFury of the ArcherFlurry of ArrowsLunging ImmobilizationHelpful WindsCat-Like ReflexesOpening VolleyArrow BarrageRanger AA Tree.jpg
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