Public quests were introduced with the release of Destiny of Velious. They consist of an area on the map where, once you enter, a quest is automatically inserted into your journal. Public quests start at pre-defined times throughout the day. Once the start time is reached, those in the area are given specific tasks in their journal to complete. The difficulty of the tasks (and associated mobs) scale in difficulty based on the number of people in the area. Failure to complete the tasks within the designated time limit will result in the difficulty being scaled down. While each quest may differ slightly, there are usually various levels of difficulty, ranging from epic encounters to solo mobs.

Upon completion of the objectives, the quest will complete, and a lootable chest will spawn. Lootable items include gold, transmutable materials, items which grant favor to your diety, and in some instances, pieces of armor. The loot does not need to be rolled on or traded, it is pre-determined by the system, so you are guaranteed some reward for participating in the event.

Along with the chest, green shiny collectibles can also be found in the surrounding area. The green shiny collectibles are on a first-come-first-served basis, and follow standard loot options if in a group.

According to [[1]] it works like this:

  • Difficulty 1 (easy solo) drops a thrumming cache
  • Difficulty 2 (hard solo/small group) drops resonating caches
  • Difficulty 3 (group difficulty) drops reverberating caches
  • Difficulty 4 (Hard group/ small raid) drops pulsating caches
  • Difficulty 5 (Raid boss) drops humming caches

Within each difficulty there's a common and a rare version of the cache -- the rare one has "Exquisite" in its name. Their rarity varies a bit but is never lower than 25%. At difficulty 1-3, only the exquisite cache contains an armor piece, while difficulties 4-5 always drop armor for everyone (but the exquisite drop is better). The overall quality of the drops and your number of choices also goes up with difficulty.

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