These are Heroic AAs that are common to Predator subclasses.

The third line is unlocked by spending 20 points in first or second line and having 250 total points spent (over all tabs).

The forth line is unlocked by spending 48 points in first, second or third line and having 275 total points spent (over all tabs).

*Note: Total points includes points spent in all tabs, including all the various lines of the Heroic tab. The required points in the previous line do count towards the total.

AA Tree

In-Game Predator Heroic Alternate Advancements Tree
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Attribute ProwessAbility AptitudeSpirit and BodyExpertiseCritical GeniusLightning ReflexesEnhance: Predator's Final TrickEnhance: Noxious EnfeeblementSpreeDexterous AttacksExploit WeaknessFatal CombinationPerfect EvasionPredator Heroic AA
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