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Planes of Prophecy

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Nov. 28th, 2017 Launch Update Notes:

The following official announcement summaries the new game features and changes on launch day, Nov. 28th, 2017.


To access the zones for this expansion and work on any timeline you just need to use any spire to the Plane of Magic

Heroic InstancesEdit

The difficulty for each of the heroic dungeons are as follows:

Tier 1: Easy - 378 Resolve

Tier 2: Medium - 471 Resolve

Tier 3: Difficult - 558 Resolve


The resolve for each of the Raid names are as follows:

Raid FlaggingEdit

75% of the raid force need to full the requirement to get to the Tier and those who are not meeting the requirements will take more damage (Not deathtouch like, but more damage)

  • T1: 75% of the raid force need to have finished the Signature Quests to enter a raidzone.
  • T2: 75% of the raid force need to have killed all T1 to get to a T2.
  • T3: 75% of the raid force need to have killed all T2 to get to a T3.
  • T4: 75% of the raid force need to have killed all T3 to get to a T4.

Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]Edit

Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection [Raid]Edit

Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]Edit

Brackish Vaults: Realm of the Triumvirate [Raid]Edit

Solusek Ro's Tower: Citadel of the Sun [Raid]Edit


  • New Heroic Dungeons
  • New Heroic Event Dungeons
  • New Solo Dungeons
  • New Duo Dungeons
  • New Large Overland
  • New Raid Dungeons: Using key flagging to unlock
    • Alt-Friendly Keyring system: Unlock a new heroic zone or raid zone on your main? Your alt has it now too!
  • New Hub zone “Coliseum of Valor” for accessing Dungeons/Raids/Public Quests
  • Lots of new quests and factions
  • New Timed Key Quests
  • New Collection Quests
  • New Expert collection quests for overland, solo and heroics.
  • New Signature questline: Continuation of the story from the last few expansions and beyond!
  • New weapon type: Crossbows ranged weapon usable by all
  • New “Soulbound” Weapons : These weapons can level up to become even more powerful!
  • Two handed Crossbows for those who desire them.
  • Adventure Level Cap Raised to 110
  • All 4 Ascension Classes Level Cap Increased to 15
  • Tradeskill Level Cap raised to 110
  • New Adornments for Crafters to Make
  • New Tinkering Recipes
  • Guild Level Cap increased
  • Mercenary Level Cap increased
  • More gear slots for your Mercenary
  • Multiple New Public Quests
  • Lots of New Achievements
  • Lots of New Items to chase

New CommandsEdit

Shows your keyring with the flags you got

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