In-Game Paladin Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Holy AidEnhance: InterceptEnhance: Holy CircleEnhance: Faith StrikeEnhance: Prayer of HealingEnhance: Demonstration of FaithEnhance: Divine InspirationEnhance: RighteousnessEnhance: CrusadeEnhance: Lay on HandsRaid ArmamentEnhance: Ancient WrathEnhance: Blessing of the PaladinEnhance: Elixir of ResuscitationEnhance: Blessed WeaponEnhance: Doom JudgementEnhance: DecreeEnhance: Devout SacramentEnhance: CastigateEnhance: ConsecrateEnhance: Sigil of HeroismArch HealCure SpellsSmite EvilBlocking MasteryAtoning KickRighteous AvengerDevout FaithBearer of DivinityDevout PrayersHeroic LeadershipHeretic's DestructionPaladin AA Tree
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