Othmir of Velious (Destiny of Velious)
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See also: Othmir of Velious (Good Faction) and Othmir of Velious (Bad Faction)

Faction Merchants[edit | edit source]

How to boost this faction:

There aren't many good guides online, but the best method I've found is:

1. Run the Fina's Retreat series in Great Divide and the Killing Fields/Forsaken Othmir Village series in Cobalt Scar (update: KF and Forsaken quests do NOT increase Othmir faction).

2. Head down to Nipik's Haven in Eastern Wastes and run that series (the best for faction building).

3. Run the repeatables in Nipik's Haven (or in the Great Divide Othmir village) over and over until you get to your faction goal. The highest repeatable faction is "Precariously Placed Package" for 500 in Nipik's. The fastest is "Fishing Fishmen" for 200 in Nipik's, but suffers from slow respawn rate.

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