These are Dragon AAs that are common to Mystic.

The first ability in a tree has no requirements.
Each ability below that is unlocked by spending 1 point in the ability above it.
To unlock the last ability 30 points needs to spent in that line.

AA Tree

In-Game Mystic Alternate Advancements Tree
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Wuoshi's Essence Dragon AAs
Mental Strength
Wuoshi's Barrier
Mental Retaliation
Final Hope
Wuoshi's Recovery
Nature Dragon Scales Dragon AAs
Dauntless Spirit
Dauntless Drive
Sturdy Scales
Draconic Regeneration Dragon AAs
Concentrated Restoration
Majestic Casting
Saving Grace
Ancient Alacrity
Draconic Reinforcement
Wild Smiting Dragon AAs
Intent Smiting
Litany of Destruction
Uncontrollable Wrath
Unyielding Retribution

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