In-Game Mystic Alternate Advancements Tree
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Resurrection RestorationEnhance: PremonitionChilling StrikeEnhance: Cure (Mystic)Enhance: Cure II (Mystic)Enhance: Spirit of the WolfEnhance: Spirit of the MammothResurrection RangeResurrection HasteEnhance: Lunar AttendantEnhance: Ursine AvatarPlagueish StrikeEnhance: Cure Curse (Mystic)Enhance: Cure III (Mystic)Enhance: Ancestral AvatarEnhance: OberonResurrection EfficiencyResurrection CyclesEnhance: BolsterGlacial StrikeCircle of the AncientsEnhance: Ebbing SpiritEnhance: Ancestral BalmSpirit DanceAncestryWeapon MasteryImmunizationDeteriorationChilling WindsAncestral RunesPassive ProtectionLunar SpiritsBolstering SpiritsStampede of the HerdMystic AA Tree
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