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Monster Type
Name Description
Dragonkind Dragons, and their various kith & kin
Fay The fairiefolke (sometimes known as fayefolk or, simply, as fay) are comprised of a great many of diverse fay races. Wisps, pixies, brownies, rhym, fae, fairy, treants, sirens, dryads, nymphs, etc.; these are all types of fairiefolke that exist in Norrath.
Magical Encounters created by the intervention of Magic, creatures in this category can be anything from an animated candlestick that sings and talks with a French accent, to Frankenstein's Monster.
Mechanimagical Various mechanized beings including clockworks and other robots
Natural The Natural animals and beasts we know from the real world, even if the sizes of some things like insects are a bit bigger than we expect.
Planar Planar Beings are creatures from one of the Planes other than Norrath (the Material Plane).
Plant The various races of flora type monsters from all corners of Norrath.
Sentient Creatures which have self-awareness, and/or intelligence.
Undead That which was once living, yet still moves and tries to kill you.
Were Creatures afflicted by lycanthropy, and thus which turn into another form.

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