In-Game Monk Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Roundhouse KickEnhance: SprintEnhance Jab: Waking DragonEnhance: Crescent StrikeEnhance Punch: Frozen PalmEnhance: MendEnhance: Will of the Heavens IEnhance: ChallengeEnhance: Silent ThreatEnhance Kick: Rising PhoenixEnhance: Will of the Heavens IIEnhance Jab: Five RingsEnhance Punch: Striking CobraEnhance: Body Like MountainEnhance: Mountain StanceEnhance: Tranquil VisionAlternate: Mongoose StanceEnhance Kick: Rising DragonEnhance: Outward CalmEnhance: TsunamiEnhance Jab: Silent PalmEnhance: DragonfireEnhance Punch: Arctic TalonSuperior GuardCombinationEvade CheckSilenceSnow BlindnessOutward TranquilityNumbing BlowsCombined StrengthsDragon's RageProvoking StanceMonk AA Tree
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