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Nov. 15th, 2016 Launch Update Notes:

The following official announcement summaries the new game features and changes on launch day, Nov. 15th, 2016.


To access the zones for this expansion and work on any timeline, you must complete the Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil access quest. Once completed all of your characters can access the zone.


Instance EntrancesEdit

  • "Crypt of Dalnir" Instances (Solo, Heroic and Event Heroic) are at ( 790, -129, -584 ) /waypoint 790, -129, -584 in Obulus Frontier
  • "Vaedenmoor" Instances (Raid x4) are at ( 612, 242, 1187 ) /waypoint 612, 242, 1187 in Obulus Frontier
  • "Kaesora" Instances (Solo, Heroic and Event Heroic) are at ( 345, 21, -1307 ) /waypoint 345, 21, -1307 in Fens of Nathsar
  • "The Ruins of Cabilis" Instances (Solo, Heroic) are at ( 325, 25, -1194 ) /waypoint 325, 25, -1194 in Fens of Nathsar
  • "Lost City of Torsis" Instances (Solo, Heroic, Challenge Heroic and Event Heroic) are at ( -258, 151, -1166 ) /waypoint -258, 151, -1166 in Kunzar Jungle
  • "Arcanna'se Spire" Instances (Solo, Heroic, Event Heroic and Raid x4) are at ( -66, 12, 168 ) /waypoint -66, 12, 168 in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep

Tier 1 Heroics — Minimum Resolve 139Edit

The Arcanna'se Spire zones have a puzzle for Amenophas Livingspirit a 15 resolve flying mount

Tier 2 Heroics — Minimum Resolve 191Edit

Tier 3 Heroic — Minimum Resolve 240Edit


Producer's Letter Discussion Thread

  • No Level increase and level 100 content
  • There will be some new character progression. (no epic weapon upgrade, or artifact upgrade, no new AA)
  • No reuse of old dungeons, all new dungeons will have a "new" look
  • The public quests are the prelude of the expansion
  • New code for battlegrounds
  • Kander said: 1 Overland zone. Its larger than Thalumbra. We are going to be making close to the usual amount of heroic and raid content, maybe a bit more, but this expansion we will be making more Solo and Advanced Solo dungeons as well. So expect 8 to 12 solo dungeons, all in the 4 or 5 themes we are using.

From the Live streamEdit

New game features:

  • Ascension Classes
    • another way to level/improve your characters
    • original appearances
    • Each Ascension class has a different elemental damage type. Casting the Ascension spell converts all your damage to that type.
    • 4 Ascension classes: Etherealist, Elementalist, Thurmaturgist, Terramancer
    • Combo abilities
  • Epic 2.0 Weapons
    • requires your Fabled Epic Weapon from the original Kunark (not Epic Repercussions)
    • Totally new weapon for all 26 classes.
    • Must be Ascension level 5 to start it.
  • Quests
    • No feathers over people's heads, no blue POIs, sometimes invisible quests. We’ll have to work together on the quest details.
  • Mercenary Gear
    • Rather than replacing your merc, you can power up your existing mercs
    • If you pre-order Kunark Ascending, you get the Mercenary feature.
    • Player gear or Mercenary gear can be applied to your mercenary.
    • You start with head, shoulder, and 2 other merc equipment slots. You have to train your Mercenary (time investment, you can spend Daybreak Cash to speed up the time) to unlock the other 4 equipment slots.
  • Wardrobe tab
    • Items with an appearance can be consumed (destroyed) and added to your Wardrobe tab. It no longer eats up bag and bank space.
    • compatible with House-placed dummies.
    • From the livestream, it looks like 18 slots per slot so 18 Head items, 18 Shoulders items, etc.
    • More slots presumably purchased with Daybreak Cash.
  • New Tradeskill Recipes, Signature Quest, and Gear
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