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Nov. 15th, 2016 Launch Update Notes:

The following official announcement summaries the new game features and changes on launch day, Nov. 15th, 2016. There are is an item and an Achivement with the same name:


To access the zones for this expansion and work on any timeline, you must complete the Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil access quest. Once completed all of your characters can access the zone.


Instance Entrances[]

  • "Crypt of Dalnir" Instances (Solo, Heroic and Event Heroic) are at ( 790, -129, -584 ) Copy in Obulus Frontier
  • "Vaedenmoor" Instances (Raid x4) are at ( 612, 242, 1187 ) Copy in Obulus Frontier
  • "Kaesora" Instances (Solo, Heroic and Event Heroic) are at ( 345, 21, -1307 ) Copy in Fens of Nathsar
  • "The Ruins of Cabilis" Instances (Solo, Heroic) are at ( 325, 25, -1194 ) Copy in Fens of Nathsar
  • "Lost City of Torsis" Instances (Solo, Heroic, Challenge Heroic and Event Heroic) are at ( -258, 151, -1166 ) Copy in Kunzar Jungle
  • "Arcanna'se Spire" Instances (Solo, Heroic, Event Heroic and Raid x4) are at ( -66, 12, 168 ) Copy in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep

Tier 1 Heroics — Minimum Resolve 139[]

The Arcanna'se Spire zones have a puzzle for Amenophas Livingspirit a 15 resolve flying mount

Tier 2 Heroics — Minimum Resolve 191[]

Tier 3 Heroic — Minimum Resolve 240[]


Producer's Letter Discussion Thread

  • No Level increase and level 100 content
  • There will be some new character progression. (no epic weapon upgrade, or artifact upgrade, no new AA)
  • No reuse of old dungeons, all new dungeons will have a "new" look
  • The public quests are the prelude of the expansion
  • New code for battlegrounds
  • Kander said: 1 Overland zone. Its larger than Thalumbra. We are going to be making close to the usual amount of heroic and raid content, maybe a bit more, but this expansion we will be making more Solo and Advanced Solo dungeons as well. So expect 8 to 12 solo dungeons, all in the 4 or 5 themes we are using.

From the Live stream[]

New game features:

  • Ascension Classes
    • another way to level/improve your characters
    • original appearances
    • Each Ascension class has a different elemental damage type. Casting the Ascension spell converts all your damage to that type.
    • 4 Ascension classes: Etherealist, Elementalist, Thurmaturgist, Terramancer
    • Combo abilities
  • Epic 2.0 Weapons
    • requires your Fabled Epic Weapon from the original Kunark (not Epic Repercussions)
    • Totally new weapon for all 26 classes.
    • Must be Ascension level 5 to start it.
  • Quests
    • No feathers over people's heads, no blue POIs, sometimes invisible quests. We’ll have to work together on the quest details.
  • Mercenary Gear
    • Rather than replacing your merc, you can power up your existing mercs
    • If you pre-order Kunark Ascending, you get the Mercenary feature.
    • Player gear or Mercenary gear can be applied to your mercenary.
    • You start with head, shoulder, and 2 other merc equipment slots. You have to train your Mercenary (time investment, you can spend Daybreak Cash to speed up the time) to unlock the other 4 equipment slots.
  • Wardrobe tab
    • Items with an appearance can be consumed (destroyed) and added to your Wardrobe tab. It no longer eats up bag and bank space.
    • compatible with House-placed dummies.
    • From the livestream, it looks like 18 slots per slot so 18 Head items, 18 Shoulders items, etc.
    • More slots presumably purchased with Daybreak Cash.
  • New Tradeskill Recipes, Signature Quest, and Gear

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