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Race: Kerig'Dal

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This race, previously unknown to Norrath, attacked the Erudite airship The Vigilant. They were once Teir'Dal, given to Rallos by Innoruuk during the First Rallosian War and changed to meet Zek's needs. They are the armies of Tallon Zek, Vallon Zek, and Sullon Zek; outsiders refer to them as Tallonites, Vallonites, and Sullonites, but in each other's company they are known as Kerig'Dal, elves of unending war.

Kerig'Dal were originally a group of Teir'Dal "volunteered" to Rallos Zek by Innoruuk after his army discovered the first Teir'Dal city. Sent to the Plane of War for training; their bodies became taut and sinewy, their combat abilities magnified tenfold.

"We were no longer elves of the abyss; we had become elves of endless war. We had become Kerig'Dal," as said by Kelraen in The Fortress of Drunder.

Saved twice by the Zek twins, Vallon Zek and Tallon Zek, the Kerig'Dal split into two armies becoming Vallonites or Tallonites; although not rivals.


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