In-Game Illusionist Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: EntranceEnhance: Ultraviolet BeamEnhance: Personae ReflectionEnhance: Cure ArcaneEnhance: DismayEnhance: Construct of OrderEnhance: LockdownEnhance: SpeechlessEnhance: BrainburstEnhance: EpiphanyEnhance: Flash of BrillianceEnhance: Chromatic StormEnhance: Prismatic ChaosEnhance: Phantasmal AweEnhance: RegaliaEnhance: NightmareEnhance: SynergismEnhance: SavanteEnhance: Chromatic ShowerEnhance: PhaseEnhance: Illusory AlliesIlluminateTime CompressionSplit PersonalityIllusory ArmChronomagicRain of ColorsChromatic ThundershowerDebilitating NightmaresArms of ImaginationMental AwarenessTime WarpIllusionist AA Tree
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