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House pets are creature or animal house items that can be placed in your house or guild hall.

  • All house pets have at least a basic interactive menu if you R click on them. For example, the Bonified Undead Baby Dragon will do a trick, ask to be fed, reacts if you ask it a riddle, sneezes if you give it pepper, and so on.
  • When placed, house pets will roam freely unless you interact and 'tell' them to stay in one place.

The following Pet Merchants merchants sell several house pets:

  • Qeynos - South Qeynos - Donovan Herald NOTE: this merchant location may have changed 10/2016641, -17, 188 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI
  • Freeport - West Freeport - Mulka the Skinner126, -4, -67 ) Copy
  • Kelethin - Sunneva Nepenthes437, 89, 238 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI
  • Neriak - Fiendish Familiars (store) ( -545, 22, 220 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI
  • Maj'Dul - Sumixum location may have changed 10/2016
  • New Halas - Torvil Beastamer-303, 172, -102 ) Copy

Pet merchants are not the only way to acquire pets though, many require quests to obtain and these are listed on the pages with the pet details.

Similar Items

The following bear some siliarlities, but are in a different categories for the following reasons:

  • Arena Pets before it was retired, these were used to fight in the arena. They have an interactive menu, but it is not as robust as regular house pets. They are still useful if your guild has the Creature Conjurer amenity in a guild hall.
  • Plushies are smaller animated stationary pets, these are great for things like fish tanks, cages and display cases.

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