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|+ '''Head Slot Adornments'''
|+ '''List of Head Adornments'''
!Level!!Adornment Name!!Effect!!Quality!!Crafter
!Level!!Adornment Name!!Effect!!Quality!!Crafter

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List of Head Adornments
LevelAdornment NameEffectQualityCrafter
60Scintillating Epiphanic Imprint+100 powerTreasuredTailor
60Scintillating Psychic Imprint+100 vs. MentalTreasuredTailor
60Scintillating Savvy Imprint+14 wisTreasuredTailor
50Lambent Psychic Imprint+85 vs. MentalTreasuredTailor
50Lambent Savvy Imprint+10 wisTreasuredTailor
50Lambent Blessed Imprint+1% heal critFabledTailor
40Luminous Epiphanic Imprint+50 powerTreasuredTailor
40Luminous Psychic Imprint+70 vs. MentalTreasuredTailor
40Luminous Savvy Imprint+8 wisTreasuredTailor
30Glimmering Psychic Imprint+55 vs. MentalTreasuredTailor
30Glimmering Savvy Imprint+6 wisTreasuredTailor
20Sparkling Epiphanic Imprint+30 powerTreasuredTailor
20Sparkling Psychic Imprint+40 vs. MentalTreasuredTailor
20Sparkling Savvy Imprint+6 wisTreasuredTailor
10Shimmering Psychic Imprint+25 vs. MentalTreasuredOutfitter
10Shimmering Savvy Imprint+2 wisTreasuredOutfitter
1Flickering Epiphanic Imprint+10 powerTreasuredArtisan
1Flickering Psychic Imprint+10 vs. MentalTreasuredArtisan
1Flickering Savvy Imprint+1 wisTreasuredArtisan

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