These items reduce the time to complete a harvesting attempt. The tinkered items (see below) also provide a boost to your harvesting skill, increasing the chance for success and the chance to find rare items.

With the arrival of the Rise of Kunark expansion, harvest tools (which are all charm-slot items) were changed from "Charm" to "Charm (Optional)" meaning you no longer needed to equip each in order to have an effect. This allowed you equip it once, and have the effect of the tool until death.

In the Spring of 2008, because of conflicts of tool effects (and the lack of a way to turn off undesired effects), harvesting tools now are Charms with a user activated casting effect. They are still "Charm (Optional)", and you do not need to keep the charm with you once cast. Sometime in late April '08, a further tweak was done, extending the length of the casted effect from 1 day (24 earth hours of login time) to 10 days!

As of (??) both the Woodworker-crafted tools and the Tinker-crafted tools have minimum level requirements based on either your adventuring level or your crafting level.

As of GU60, there are no longer single skill woodworker made tools. Woodworkers now make "Compact * Harvesting Kit"s. All existing single skill tools were converted in place to a kit of the same tier, but does not have "compact" at the beginning of the title. They are functionally the same.

These WW-kits now lower harvesting delay and increase your Bountiful Harvest % chance. Their bonuses now stack with the Tinkerer-made tools. Each kit is now also a 10 day, charm optional item.

Also part of this revamp in tools, was a change in the default unmodified harvest time from 5.0 seconds to 3.0 seconds. All racial traits, abilities, items, and skills that lower harvest time were adjusted accordingly, with most adjustments capping at -0.5s. The maximum total harvesting time reduction is 1.0 seconds for a 2.0 second harvesting time.

Woodworker made:[edit | edit source]

WW-made Kits
Level Material -Delay BH%
L20 Ash -0.1 2.0%
L30 Briar -0.2 4.0%
L40 Teak -0.3 6.0%
L50 Sandalwood -0.4 8.0%
L70 Redwood -0.5 10.0%
L80 Sumac -0.5 12.0%

Tinkerer made:[edit | edit source]

Skill to Make Level to Use* Name -Time (sec) +Skill
165 1 Miscalibrated -0.2 +5 (+10 Mining)
230 30 Calibrated -0.3 +7 (+15 Mining)
330 60 Overclocked -0.5 +10 (+20 Mining)
500 100 Overclocked Automated Combine -0.5 (+13 ALL)

* Note: Either Tradeskill or Adventuring level

There are 2 DualSkill tools, and 1 single.

Tool Skill
Net Fishing Trapping
Shears Gathering Foresting
Pickaxe Mining -

Store Bought (legacy)[edit | edit source]

These are no longer sold by any merchant. They can be found on the broker

basic foresting axe +1 foresting
basic trapping snare +1 trapping
basic harvesting knife +1 gathering
basic fishing pole +1 fishing
basic mining pick +1 mining

All items (29)

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