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Gnolls were first created by Brell Serilis sometime during The Elder Age. They are a clan-centric race of upright canine creatures with an elongated snout, pointed ears and are taller than the average human. Due to their beast-like appearance and proclivity to live in dank, dirty places, it is often erroneously assumed that they are of limited intelligence. On the contrary, they are cunning and sly: "While they place a higher value on hunters and warriors, there are gnoll shamans and mystics that practice arcane arts and rituals. These gnolls can still be formidable in battle by their strength, however it is their use of both offensive and defensive spells which can take down an enemy with an element of surprise," a quote from a study on gnoll society by Pearl Honeywine. As command of the arcane requires critical thinking and a propensity for ritual denotes emotional and philosophical intelligence, gnolls can not be disregarded as mere beasts.

They are also highly adaptable and have built their homes in all types of climates around Norrath. Some clans live peacefully with their neighbors and only wish to be left alone while others are warlike and savage, not unlike the other sentient races. These aggressive groups have occupied some of the most fearsome dungeons ever known and are a bane to adventurers to this day.

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